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Jaie Miller b. London 1987. In 2005 after watching 'City of God' (directed by Fernando Meirelles) decided he wanted a camera as he sensed the protagonist's trials and ultimate escape echoed, to some degree, his own. He picked up a Nikon FE. Wanting to shoot everything in black and white Ilford 400 film he travelled to Paris, Berlin & New York in the coming years. With no sense of pressure to use it or take important images, his camera was his constant companion. After some years of being self taught in the analogue way of photographing he approached a point where he made photography his main focus. Different film types, different cameras and different settings are what inspire him and his work. For example, shooting with the rare Bronica S2A brings about a different challenge, experience and style; due to it's square format. However, "The imagination of the camera is greater than that of every single photographer and that of all photographers put together: This is precisely the challenge to the photographer." Inspired by Beat and Surreal poets, Andre Breton, Tristan Tzara, Gregory Corso, Amiri Baraka, Michel Leiris et al. These were the initial insights he had into 'the alternative'. It is poetry's favourite moment that Jaie aims to capture through photography - the epic of the everyday:"the moment when one loses one's footing because of a landslide or seismic shaking of thought". It is, to him, about what you can make of the scene/seen and the largest sum of the moment he can bring to light. To photograph is thought to mean (from it's Greek origin) "drawing with light". Jaie likes to feel he is withdrawing light, creeping into the camera in order to bring to light the tricks concealed within. 

Member of The British Institute of Professional Photographers 2015 - 2017.

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