House front and city street juxtaposed, black and white photographs of each.

Juxtapose 001

Four black and white photos merged together. Photos taken in London at night.

Juxtapose 002

Shop window and blurred vehicle juxtaposed.

Juxtapose 003

Sculpture by Henry Moore and view from the top of steps in London.

Juxtapose 004

London at night.

Juxtapose 005

Berlin and a bicycle on a London train.

Juxtapose 006

Underground car park.

Juxtapose 007

View of the city and an artwork.

Juxtapose 008

Juxtapose 009

Parisian buildings/windows.

Juxtapose 010

Local scene.

Juxtapose 011

Scenes from East London

Juxtapose 012

Juxtapose 013

Juxtapose 014

Juxtapose 015

Juxtapose 016

Juxtapose 017

Juxtapose 018

Juxtapose 019

Juxtapose 020

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