Jaie Elliott Johnson-Miller

A woman stands with her dog - Bronica s2
A man reads the newspaper
A man climbs the stairs
A man smokes leaning on a wall
A woman climbs the stairs
A chef pushes a metal tray
A man walks by
A woman carries roses past a theatre
A man walks past a convenience store.
A woman takes her gloves off.
A nun looks through the window of a bus
Men walk past heart shaped graffiti
A man carries an object seen from above
A man crosses the street
Two men walking
A shadow cast by a man passing a billboard
A man in a hurry passes a billboard.
A man walks past some stairs
A man eating a sandwich while walking.
A woman silhouettes amongst the crowd
A group of men in suits having a meeting outside.
A woman outside the station.
A couple outside a station
Two men push a rail of coats
Virgin Mary statue through a window.
A man holds his phone to record a protest.
A figure walking through light.
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